The Modern industry has been continuously increasing demand for new technologies to aggregate its equipment to increase production and profits.

To meet these high technological requirements and monitor this industrial development, OGRAMAC seeks investments in new processes, products, materials and equipment unreleased domestically.

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OGRAMAC invests in the purchase of equipment for Overlay Cladding by Hot-Wire TIG automated to rise up and meet the market demand for Oil and Gas

Due to the increased demand for Christmas trees and other components that require special coatings, applied by the Overlay Cladding system has led Ogramac to invest in cutting edge technology, and consequently training to ensure the nationalization of services given by third party companies such as Aker Solutions, Cameron and FMC.

The  equipment, an FPA-2003 Cladding System Controller supplied by Fronius, a partner company that has succeeded in showing the constant quality of their equipment throughout the Brazilian market for the past 13 years.

For more information about our service on Cladding Overlay, please access here.



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